The Diaper Debate

There is no right or wrong diaper choice to use for your baby. It is a personal preference that should be decided by the parents. There are two main choices: cloth or disposable diapers. There are different types of cloth diapers and many different brands of disposable ones on the market. Using the right choice for your baby can be a trial and error process. You may notice that a certain brand causes a rash and in that case, you should change diapers. They are also priced differently and sometimes the most expensive is not always best and vice versa you shouldn’t buy a diaper just because it’s the least expensive choice at the store.

Many parents argue about whether cloth or disposable diapers are best for their babies. While deciding on which type to use, keep in mind that using a natural diaper ointment is always the best choice to prevent and cure diapers rash. Diaper ointment should always be used with every changing. There are advantages of both cloth and disposable ones. While the initial cost of cloth diapers can be expensive, the overall savings are greater than using disposable ones. When making the cloth purchase, buy at least 30 to 35 of each size your baby is wearing at the time. You can buy less, but you’ll have to do more loads of laundry to clean them. Disposable ones can be easier to use because you throw them away after each use. Some parents prefer the ease of this. They can be more convenient when you are out of your home because you can throw the diaper away wherever you change your baby.

If your baby moves a lot during a changing, disposable might be easier to use because of the tape-stick while cloth you have to use safety pins sometimes. Cloth is also known to cause less diapers rash. If you are concerned about the effect that diapers can have on the environment, then you should use cloth. Disposable diapers are supposed to be biodegradable, but it takes time. Cloth ones can be washed and reused which doesn’t affect the amount of waste going into our landfills. However, on the other side of the debate, parents argue that using cloth uses up too much water because you have to do loads of laundry almost every day. While the effects on our environment are an ongoing issue, your first concern should be which diaper will your baby be most comfortable wearing and which will cause little to no rash.

Parents should try different types of diapers for their babies, and they could also try using a combination. There can be the choice of combination of cloth and disposable. Use cloth at home and disposable when going out. The disposable ones are more convenient when not at home, however cloth when convenient, should be used do to the advantages they have. Some parents will find that cloth don’t irritate their baby’s skin, while other parents will see no difference between cloth and disposable. Some parents will like the fact that disposable can be more convenient, and other parents won’t mind washing the cloth ones. It is a personal choice for the parent about which diaper they will decide to purchase.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit


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