How to Soothe Your Upset Baby

Sometimes, the only way for a baby to communicate is through crying. There is nothing more upsetting to a parent than hearing their baby cry and not knowing why. Parents learn the different types of noises and crying their baby makes based on what they desire. They can tell the difference between a cry of hunger or a cry of pain. It is common for babies to cry a lot if they are teething or experiencing irritating rashes from diapers. When your baby is upset or crying you instantly rush to their needs and try to stop the crying. Here are some ways you can soothe your baby if they are upset.

Once you have figured out the types of crying your baby makes, you can do preliminary trial and error actions to stop the crying. For example, you can feed your baby, change their diaper, or cuddle them to make them feel better. At other times, your baby will cry and you won’t know why. They could feel discomfort from a rash, they may have a stomach ache, they could be teething, they could be too hot or too cold, or they might just want to be held and cuddled. If the crying doesn’t stop, and you are not sure how to meet your baby’s needs, you can try to soothe them in different ways to stop their upsetting moment.

Babies love to feel warm and secure. To soothe your baby if they are upset, you can wrap them in soft blanket. You can make a little blanket burrito and keep your baby wrapped up as if they were still in their mother’s womb. Don’t wrap your baby too tightly and keep their face uncovered at all times. Hold your baby and softly pat their back or rub their tummy.

Another technique for soothing your baby is to play music that has a light sound such as classical. Keep the volume low but play something that is also soothing for you. Light jazz sounds or nature sounds are also very comforting. If the music doesn’t work, just speak softly to your baby and tell them how much you love them, how safe they are, and how wonderful the little bundle of joy is to your life.

For older babies that can play with toys and hold things, you could give your baby one of their favorite toys. This can immediately stop the crying if they are bored or feeling anxious. If your baby isn’t old enough to hold a toy on their own, you could place a pacifier in their mouth instead. This is especially helpful when your baby is teething.

Some babies just need to feel safe, secure, and close to their parents. Sometimes all it takes to soothe a baby is to look at them and make eye contact. Change the position your baby is in so that they face you, can see your face, or are closer to you.

A baby communicates by crying out for their parents, and these techniques will help you to soothe your baby when you are unsure of why they are crying.

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