Communication by Crying

Until your child learns how to talk, the only way they know how to communicate is by crying. It is hard to imagine that such a simple form of communication takes on so many forms. While at first all babies’ cries sound the same, there is variation in the rhythm, tone, and volume of each crying fit. Newborn babies usually cry for simple reasons such as being hungry, tired, or need to have a diaper change. As your baby gets older, their needs become more complex. You learn as parents the different types of cries your child makes and you know how to assess their needs or wants. Babies usually spend two to three hours crying, but keep in mind it is communication. For new parents, here are reasons and simple remedies as to why your baby is crying and how to help them.

Most often, babies cry because they are hungry. Newborns need to be fed little amounts at least eight to twelve times a day. They will usually cry when they are hungry so you will know when to feed them. Older babies don’t eat that many times throughout the day, especially babies that are on solid foods.

It is very important for babies to burp after they eat. They can get tummy aches very easily and it is common for air to get in their tummies if they are drinking out of a bottle. Babies will cry when their tummies hurt, and more than likely they just need to be burped. If you try burping them and they don’t stop crying they could have a more upset stomach or be crying for a different reason.

After a baby eats they either sleep or go to the bathroom and sometimes both occur simultaneously. You may know to change your baby soon after they eat and that can prevent fussiness or crying. However, there are always times throughout the day when your baby will go to the bathroom. They don’t like dirty diapers, nor do the parents and they will cry when they need to be changed.

Babies need a lot of sleep, especially newborns. They take naps throughout the day and sleep through most of the night when they aren’t eating as often. Babies often need help falling asleep. They cry because they are so sleepy. You can wrap them in soft blankets, cuddle and rock them to sleep, or put them in their crib to rest comfortably. Babies get very cranky and they don’t know they need to sleep or how to fall asleep quickly.

We all need to feel loved and have attention, and this is no different for babies. They want to feel safe, secure, nurtured, and loved by their family. Babies will cry if these needs aren’t being met. If your baby is crying and they don’t need to eat, sleep, or be changed then they probably want your affection and attention. Older babies need a lot of stimulation and they want you to engage them in child’s play such as a game of peek-a-boo.

You will learn the different types of cries your baby makes and you will also learn their schedule. They may cry at the same times during the day because they are used to eating or taking naps on a regular schedule.

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