Aloe Vera, It’s not just a Plant

Aloe vera is a plant that has been around for centuries. It is a perennial plant that has leaves filled with a yellow gel like substance that can be used for organic medicinal purposes. It can be found in very warm climates such as South America where it is grown in mass quantities. Aloe vera contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that heal both internal and external problems. It can also be used internally by drinking it or externally by rubbing it on your body where it’s needed. The plant has many uses and can be used as a beauty product or for medicinal purposes. Cleopatra has even been noted in history as using it as part of her daily skin care routine. Here are some of the many uses and benefits of aloe vera.

There are a lot of beauty uses that aloe vera can be used for. Perhaps the most common use for the plant is for treating a sun burn. The plant extract helps your skin heal, brings back moisture, and relieves some of the itchiness and redness. Acne can be a serious skin problem for teenagers and adults. If it is left untreated it can become out of control and leave acne scars on your face and body. Rubbing aloe on your pimples will reduce the redness and swelling and will prevent future breakouts. Using aloe is safer than chemically processed creams that can discolor or dry your skin out. It is always safer and more beneficial to your health to use natural skin care products.

Cleopatra used the plant to keep her skin looking glowing and youthful. Aloe can be used to reduce the signs of wrinkles and aging of your skin. Besides making your skin look youthful, you can create a beautiful glow by exfoliating. The plant is found in most organic body scrubs and masks. You can also make your own scrubs by combing aloe vera, lemon juice, and brown sugar. You can substitute sea salt for brown sugar and make a salt scrub. The plant extract is known for bringing a lot of moisture to your skin. It is a great extract for treating eczema or as a lotion. In addition to bringing moisture back into your skin, it also reduces scarring and stretch marks by speeding up cell reproduction.

There are many uses for treating health problems as well. You can treat health problems internally or externally with the plant extract. If you are experiencing stomach pains or have problems going to the bathroom you can drink it. You can find the plant extract at health stores that come in the form of pills and drinks. By drinking the aloe you can also treat heart burn, stomach ulcers, low blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and help with asthma. If you prefer not to use medicines daily from a doctor, this organic treatment will improve health conditions and leave you feeling healthy. For some people, medicine prescribed by a doctor can cause allergic reactions, side effects that leave you feeling worse, or cause long term affects from the synthetic materials. Aloe vera is a natural plant, the extract is organic, and doesn’t contain chemicals that will be harmful to your body.

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