Preparing for Your Newborn

Preparing to bring your newborn home can be just as challenging as taking care of your baby. Taking care of your new child involves being prepared for any situation or normal occurrence that will arise. A newborn will need their diapers changed often throughout the day, will need to eat eight to twelve times a day, be changed into new clothes, and will have other needs throughout the day and night. Preparing for your newborn should be done before they are brought home from the hospital. Here are some nursery room essentials you will need to prepare yourself for bringing your baby home.

Decorating the nursery room can be a lot of fun and also educational for your baby. Choose colors or wallpapers with primary colors or soft pastels. You can choose colors that will stimulate your baby or soothe them if it’s a room you plan on using for sleep only. Also, there are certain pieces of furniture that are essential in a nursery. You will need a crib that is safe, sturdy, and reliable. A diaper changing table or a designated area for changing is critical because you will be changing diapers so often. Your baby will also have a lot of toys, blankets, and clothes so organizational pieces such as a dresser or shelves will be very helpful.

Once the decorating and filling the room is complete, you can purchase other items such as bedding, clothes, and toys. Your crib will need blankets, mattress pads, and crib sheets. An essential for safety is having a monitor hung on the side of a crib. To help your baby fall asleep you can buy a mobile that plays music and turns little toys. Your newborn will also need a lot of clothes. They will accidents during the day, and you’ll see that their clothes will get dirty from spit ups. You should have a lot of socks, onesies, soft clothing, and bibs. A newborn doesn’t necessarily need a lot of toys, so you can worry about buying them after they are a few months old.

The diaper changing station will need to be stocked with essential items at all times. You will utilize this area of the nursery a lot because babies need to be changed often. Besides having a lot of diapers on hand, there are other items that will be helpful. If you are using wipes, a wipe warmer is nice because your baby won’t have to be bothered by a cold diaper wipe. You should also have a baby wipe companion because it can help prevent diaper rash. diaper ointment is essential because rashes come often when babies are in diapers.

As your newborn develops a routine and has their own wants and needs, you may need other nursery room essentials. You might need items such as humidifiers, baby swings, a rocking chair, clothes hamper, or sleep soothers.

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