How to Plan a Perfect Baby Shower

Having a baby is a time to celebrate and prepare to welcome a new life into the world. The most appropriate way to celebrate before the birth of a newborn is to have a baby shower. It is a time for mothers, daughters, and friends to come together and share stories of raising children and excitement for a newborn. You may think that baby showers all the same. You can make your shower unique and full of fun and excitement. Here are some tips for planning a perfect baby shower.

The first step in planning is talking with the mom to be and devise a guest list with friends and family. The guest list can include men and children so do not be afraid to make this only for women. Traditionally a guest list for a shower only includes women but, it is becoming more acceptable to invite the daddy to be and his friends. You can plan the shower to include things for men and women to participate in during the shower.

After you have comprised the list, you can then make a budget. You can spend as little or as much as you would like to plan a perfect baby shower. Things you should budget for are: invitations, location rentals, chair and table rentals, food, dessert, decorations, games, and prizes. You can still have a perfect celebration on a budget without breaking the bank. You can cut costs where you need to by having the shower at someone’s home or by cooking the food yourselves.

Before you send out your invites, you should pick a theme for the shower. Themed showers add a more personal touch to the celebration. Your theme can coincide with how you are decorating your newborn’s room, or choose a theme that represents the parents to be. The invitations, decorations, food, games, and cake should go along with the theme. Some fun theme ideas are: western, English tea party, glamour, black and white, or any other unique idea you can come up with. When you are ready to send out your invitations, design the invitation to match your theme so your guests will know what to expect.

On the day of the celebration, you can decorate with theme appropriate decorations. You can decorate with balloons, banners, posters, streamers, props, or anything festive. The table and cake can also serve as decorative pieces and should coincide with the theme you have chosen. People love to eat at parties, so you can make or cater with a specific type of food as well. For a western theme you could serve barbeque and for an English tea party you could serve scones and finger sandwiches for example.

You do not have to play games at your shower if you do not want to. Games can be fun and a way to get conversation started between friends and family. You can think of other games to play besides trying to guess which baby food is what flavor. You can come up with other creative ideas. At one baby shower I went to, the host melted different types of chocolate in diapers and we had to guess which chocolate bar was used. It was gross but fun. The prize was a gift basket filled with all sorts of different chocolate.

Have fun at your baby shower and make it unique. You do not have to have a traditional boring luncheon with pastel colored plates and napkins. Make your shower fun and personal.

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