What is the one product I can begin using that will help me switch to a greener skin care regime?

If I had to choose one product to switch to it would be the alcohol free witch hazel. Witch hazel has so many healing properties. What is witch hazel used to treat? It is used to treat acne, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, bug bites, poison ivy, as a deodorant and so much more. The Native Americans have used this going back centuries. Hundreds of years of using something so pure and chemical free can not be wrong! Be careful of getting your witch hazel from the local drug store. It has alcohol in it and would not be good to use in tinctures and teas for internal healing. If you are going to buy one make sure it is alcohol free so you can use it in many different ways. So, how do I use it?

For acne, consistent use is the best treatment. Clean and tone the face with the witch hazel twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed.This will decrease oil production and tighten and tone the pores. The one you use for the evening has soothing chamomile and lavender in it to calm and soothe you. To use it on hemorrhoids, apply the witch hazel to a cotton ball and rub the affected area. This will prevent the itchiness that comes with hemorrhoids and it prevents bleeding. For varicose veins or spider veins simply dip your cotton ball in witch hazel and rub the affected area. It is very cooling to the area. Studies have been done that show the witch hazel can help to strengthen blood vessels. Due to its natural healing properties it is especially helpful on bug bites. Not only does it heal it also will make the itchiness recede. It is a great treatment for poison ivy. As someone who is very allergic to poison ivy I’m so glad to know that there is a natural remedy for me to go to. Witch Hazel reduces the swelling and the inflammation caused by the skins reaction to the poison ivy.

There are other uses for witch hazel that we will get into in another blogpost. One for tinctures and teas that do some internal healing. Look for it and how to turn witch hazel into a deodorant coming soon. Don’t forget to checkout www.homesteadcompany.com for all your natural cleaning needs.


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