Kukui Nut Oil

We are finally catching on to what the Hawaiians have known for years. Kukui nut oil is known for it’s moisturizing tendencies and healing nature. It is found native to Hawaii. Let’s explore the ways it’s used.

Mature skin needs more help then skin that is more youthful. The kukui oil will seep down into the layers of the skin. Very deep healing occurs from the inside out. When this oil penetrates your skin it allows your pores to breathe. This oil contains naturally occurring vitamins A, E and it is also high in oleic acid, and linoleic acids. These are the antioxidents that help keep your skin more youthful.

Like the emu oil, the kukui oil also leaves no oily residue behind. Once it deeply penetrates the layers of skin it then gives your body a protective coating and deeply moisturizes without blocking your pores. It minimizes the fine lines and wrinkles that pop up on your face.  Because of the moisturizing effect that makes it a great oil to use if you get a sunburn. This oil is beginning to appear in skin care products and sunblock.

Kukui oil is predominently used for preventing and treating stretch marks or moisturizing your skin. However, it also does a nice job of conditioning the ends of your hair. We like products that can be used in multiple ways! What items do we sell that the kukui oil is in? We use it most in the eczema oil and in the belly oil. Both products are one of our best sellers…now you can see why!

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