Natural Stress Relievers

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In this world of constantly go, go, go we sometimes forget the important things in life. The only true important things in life are family, friends and the health of your friends, family and your self. So, why is it that we are constantly buying more stuff to make our life better. Is it possible that the stuff we are buying is causing more stress in our life. The answer is yes!

Some natural ways to relieve stress are also the simplest. Stop going to the stores. If you stop purchasing unnecessary items then you stop bringing clutter into your home. Sometimes it’s important for us to even do a pantry clean out. Use what you have! I love the old saying, use it up, wear it out, then do without. Doing without is something our culture could definitely do more of. I have family that repurchases items because they can’t find the one they have. If that’s the case then it’s time for you to clean the clutter out of your house. You may think that the stuff is bringing you peace. But the reality is the clutter is stressing you out. Start the one in and one out rule. If you buy a new shirt then get rid of an old one.

Simplify is another way to reduce stress in our lives. If you have reduced your clutter and you still are stressed maybe it’s time that you cut back on the after school activities. I am one of those people who gets stressed out if I have to many activities going on. So we only have one activity during the week and maybe one on the weekend. I do better with less. If you have too many irons in the fire are you really doing a good job at any one thing? Try simplifying at least take away one activity during the week and stay home. Eat dinner with your family and enjoy your night.

Try meditation or aromatherapy to help yourself relax at the end of the day. Either one will be a helpful addition to your nightly routine and it will be good for you too.  Add in a nice soothing cd and you are almost ready for bed. Our witch hazel essentials pm has added scents that are known to relax you so you can slow down enough to go to bed.  Natural aromatherapy that calms you down usually has chamomile and lavender in it. That is precisely what is in our evening witch hazel toner. Try a cup of chamomile tea, a good book and our witch hazel and watch your stress of the day melt away.

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