What does vegetable growing have to do with skin care?

The answer to the question is, not much directly, but eating fresh does do wonders for keeping skin young, wrinkle free and healthy.  The truth is, I just wanted to put up a post about getting ready for spring vegetable gardening.  It’s that time of the year in most parts of the US, unless you are in the northern states.  But, depending on the amount of motivation you have, and sunny windows, you could start an indoor garden with a small greenhouse.  I really like this one from amazon,
It is small enough that you can keep it inside when you need to, and large enough to grow seedlings to transplants, plus a few plants to keep indoors, like tomatos, lettuce and cucumbers.  My plan is to start my spring garden seedlings this month, and some romaine, tomatoes, and cucumbers to keep indoors until it’s time to grow them outside.  I will start some seedlings again later for the summer garden as it gets closer to time.

I have found that the key to getting things going is having the right tools.  This year, I used Amazon with the free shipping, and huge selection I was able to get all I needed, from soil to seeds.  In the past I have used loose soil, and while that’s definitely more cost effective, I was less likely to get it done because I had to be outside to maintain less mess.  This year, I ordered the compressed soil and trays.  All I had to do is hydrate the soil, add it to my trays, add some seeds and put it on the greenhouse shelf.  It was so easy, and I had no mess.

I found that with the trays I chose, the best way to fit them was to soak the soil, then shape it (smaller at the bottom), then insert it into the tray/slot.  This was so easy, and because it’s surrounded with a sort of netting, it didn’t break apart when I was setting them into the tray.


  Once the trays were filled, I made a little well in the center of each one, and put 2-3 of my seeds.  For the spring, I am planting: Celery, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, onions (for bulbs, and scallions), Collards (I am from the south, originally :)), Broccoli, and Kale.  I am also going to be planting carrots, potatoes, beets and Romaine, but they will go directly into the ground (except the Romaine, but it’s too early to start the Romaine for the outdoor garden).

I couldn’t find my little label/plastic inserts, so I used half clothes pins to label my seeds.  It’s important to keep track as you go, because you will not know what is growing if you don’t!

Next, I placed them on the greenhouse shelf, next to a sunny window, and I am ready to watch them grow.  I will post pictures of the seedlings, it usually takes about 10 days to see the first sprouts.  

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  1. Awesome! I don’t have any place to put that greenhouse inside my house, but it sure looks like it makes it easy for you. Enjoy!


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