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Why Eczema is Worse in Winter

If you have suffered from dry irritating skin rashes, you may have noticed an external factor that triggered this irritating condition. You may or may not be suffering from a skin condition called eczema. For those of you who have it, you may know that there are certain triggers that can result in annoying flare ups. Some factors that can worsen your condition are water, certain types of food, humidity, weather conditions, clothing, and soap. Weather is one of the biggest factors that can worsen your eczema, and it is known to be at its worst in the winter.

Most areas of the world have cold winters, excluding places such as the Caribbean or other tropical location. Winter weather conditions can include harsh northerly winds, snow, low humidity, dry air and cold weather. These factors can cause your skin to become very dry. It is so important to stay moisturized and wear protective clothing when you have to face winter conditions. Even if you don’t have eczema, you have probably noticed that your skin is dry in the winter and you are constantly applying lotion or other types of moisturizers.

Cold air and low humidity can dry your skin and it removes the moisture your skin needs. Because these are common winter conditions, it tends to make your eczema worse during this season. It can be hard to stay moisturized when the weather doesn’t change and continues to stay cold. Also, central heating inside your home will also dry your skin. To combat these factors you can humidify your home with a humidifier and wear gloves when you go outside.

A lot of people wear wool in the winter because the material keeps you so warm. However, this can cause a lot of itching which can worsen an eczema flare up. It is hard to dress warm when the weather is so cold without irritating your skin. Adding on extra layers to your outfit can also cause you to sweat which will induce a flare up. When dressing for the winter, you have to find a happy medium.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions cannot be changed in the winter and typically eczema is worse during this season. During the spring is when most people with eczema notice that they have less flare ups. If you are living in a location with a cold climate and harsh winter conditions, be sure to moisturize your skin with an organic eczema oil or lotion. This can manage a flare up if you happen to have one. The winter months will bring on more flare ups because of the cold air so staying moisturized becomes a necessity for the health of your skin.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

Combating Stress to Keep Eczema Under Control

Staying calm, cool, and collected is easier said than done. Work, home, relationships, headaches, illness, and other external factors can trigger stress in our lives and it’s a common occurrence to deal with. There are many factors that can trigger stress; however there are ways to combat it to keep the feelings of stress to a minimum. This is especially important for people who have eczema because stress can cause flare ups. Here are some ways to combat stress to keep your flare ups under control.

1. Talk. Don’t be afraid to vent about something that’s frustrating to you. Find a friend, coworker, or family member that is your go to person and do the same for them. You both could arrange weekly meetings, phone calls, or e-mails to talk about stress triggers and feel open to vent about them. Holding your feelings in will usually make you more upset and even more stressed out. Talking to someone more often about how you feel will make you feel better, and you may also find that other people share similar stressful triggers.

2. Exercise. Working out is a great way to take out frustrations. You can lift weights, go for a run, or do something more relaxing like yoga or dance. When you exercise you release tension in your body, get the blood and oxygen flowing, release endorphins, and you feel better about yourself because you keep yourself in shape. When you have eczema, sweating will cause flare ups so choose an activity that will produce minimal amounts of sweat. Instead of running, try walking or doing yoga in a cool room. If you notice that your eczema gets worse after working out, take a cool shower and use an eczema moisturizer to stop skin irritation.

3. Aromatherapy. Creating a warm atmosphere with soothing smells will help you relax and keep stress levels low. Find candles that have comforting smells and light them when you start feeling anxious or tense. You can also use natural oils with lavender or chamomile that are used for relaxing. Lavender can help you sleep better, and having a full night’s rest will help keep your stress low. You can use the oils on your skin or burn them to create an aroma in your home or office.

4. Art Projects. Be creative, get active, and make something beautiful. Doing some type of art project will take your mind off of what’s bothering you or causing you stress. You can paint, make sculptures, plant a flower garden, make decorative boxes to store clutter which might cause you stress, or find some other creative outlet. Being creative, open, and free will diminish your stress because you use a different part of your brain then, let’s say, crunching numbers all day if you are an accountant.

5. Organize. Keeping your work space, your home, and your bedroom clutter free will keep stress to a minimum. A lot of people feel stressed or overwhelmed when there is a lot of clutter or chaos in their life. Buy some organizational storage for papers and supplies in your office, or for household items in your home. Part of staying organized is also creating schedules and having some type of routine. Make a calendar or your day’s tasks, or if you don’t have time to lay out your daily activities, keep a weekly or monthly calendar with important meetings or events. This may not work for everyone depending on their lifestyle or job, but when possible stay as organized as you can.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

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