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Organic Gifts for a New Mom

A goal in life for many women is to have children, and once they do all their dreams come true. It is a joyous occasion for all friends and family members in the new baby’s life. Moms are filled with unconditional and endless love for the little life they welcomed into the world. It is a time for thanks that such a beautiful life was born to loving parents. It is also a time for relaxation and bonding with your newborn baby and your significant other. Giving some relaxing organic gifts such as lotions and candles for a new mom to use is a great way for her to relax and enjoy her time at home. Here are some organic gift ideas to give a new mom.

Making a basket full of foot spa necessities is perfect. Their feet may still be swollen from carrying their baby for 9 months. Soaking their feet in warm water with organic oils with lavender or peppermint scents would be a great relaxation method. Including a pumice scrub stone would be smart because she, or someone else, could scrub the dead skin off which will make her feet soft. It can feel very ticklish or relaxing and sometimes both. In addition to using a pumice stone, using a foot scrub will also make her feet soft. Organic foot scrubs heal dry skin and replenish moisture because they are made with organic shea butter and dead sea salt. Foot lotions have a great peppermint or eucalyptus smell usually and are made organically. They smell nice and are very relaxing.

You could also give a gift that was for the mom and the new baby. If you assemble a gift basket or package, be sure to use all organic products because babies’ skin is so sensitive that products with chemicals in them could be irritating. Lotions for adults can contain synthetic materials which can make she skin more dry which can lead to eczema or an increase in eczema flare ups. What should you include in your gift for a baby and a new mom? I would include some type of eczema oil. Eczema is common with babies and the oil can be used on any type of dry skin or as a preventative measure. Baby wipes can cause diaper rash, and a great alternative would be to use an organic baby wipe companion. You could include an assortment of baby and mom lotions and oils.

If the new mom doesn’t like foot scrubs or lotions, you could give regular lotions or skin care products. Plumeria or cucumber body butters are soft and smell good. After taking a relaxing bath, which every ne mom has been dying to do for 9 months, they can moisturize with the organic body butter. Instead of giving foot scrub, you can give her body scrubs instead which don’t smell like peppermint. The body scrubs will remove any dry or dead skin and leave the skin feeling fresh and moisturized. Any type of natural skin care product will moisturize and make her skin look beautiful and glowing. If the product isn’t organic, her skin may be left feeling more dry or irritated.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

Holiday Host Gifts from Organic Flowers to Natural Skin Care Products

The holidays are a time to invite friends over for fun times, making memories, and enjoying one another’s company. Holiday parties are thrown for exquisite dinner parties, ornament making parties, card making parties, and gift buying trunk shows for example. A warm hearted friend or family member opens their home for holiday fun and a place to host a party or event. It is common for guests to bring the host a gift in appreciation of inviting friends and family into their homes for fun holiday occasions. Here are some ideas for all natural, organic, holiday host gifts.

A lovely bouquet of flowers or a poinsettia arrangement are always welcomed and greatly appreciated by the host. This gift idea is a way to show your thanks for an invitation to an event or dinner, and they also act as a decorative addition to the host’s home. Poinsettias are perfect during the holiday season because they are festive in color and are a common holiday decoration. You could also make a flower arrangement with flowers from your own garden or from a local garden where you live. Organic flowers are beautiful and safe for your or the host’s home because they are pesticide free.

Baking some type of sweet treat, pie, or bread is another great gift idea. The host could use your home baked gift at her dinner for dessert or save it for themselves after everyone has left as a nice way to relax and enjoy something wonderful tasting. Baking or cooking with organic ingredients will ensure the best tasting dish that is healthful and good for our bodies. Organic cooking won’t have any synthetic or harmful ingredients. You could bake a warm apple pie, some sweet pumpkin bread, or some homemade fudge. These are festive and great tasting holiday treats.

Throwing a dinner party or holiday party can be stressful and take a lot of work and preparation for the host. A great idea for a host gift is to make a basket with relaxing lotions, candles, or body oils. You can include all of these to make a variety basket with different types of relaxation products. Making the basket with natural skin care products will show that you really care about your host because you aren’t giving harmful products with harsh chemicals that could cause skin irritation, which isn’t very relaxing. Organic products are made with relaxing scents and ingredients such as plumeria or cucumber. The host will really appreciate being able to relax with organic cucumber body butter.

You could give one or all of these ideas for a host gift. When you are preparing the gift for your host, take the time to make the presentation beautiful. The holiday host will love these gifts.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

Eczema Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

A favorite and festive holiday for most people is Thanksgiving. It is a time to come together with family and friends and give thanks for our health and prosperity. Let’s not forget to mention too how wonderful the food is and how fun it is to cook all day with our family and watch some competitive football games. There are traditional Thanksgiving foods that are cooked every year that we wait in anticipation for like green bean casserole and a perfectly baked turkey. Some foods, however, can cause allergies and eczema flare ups. Here are some menu items to make a perfect Thanksgiving dinner that won’t cause an eczema flare up.

Dairy products such as milk are a common known trigger. A traditional side eaten every year is green bean casserole. Two ingredients used to make this dish are cream of mushroom soup and milk. Instead of adding milk, you can substitute rice milk. If you don’t like the taste of rice milk, you could cook the green beans in vegetable broth and then add fried onions on top for some crunch after they are cooked how you like them.

Milk is also used to make mashed potatoes. A lot of recipes advise adding butter or margarine for added flavor and creamy potatoes. Substitute rice milk and use real butter and this should make the potatoes for allergy/eczema friendly. If the substitutions don’t quite have the flavor you like, you can make mashed cauliflower which is very healthy, tasty, and has the same consistency as mashed potatoes.

Wheat and breads also cause eczema flare ups. Instead of making rolls, you can make or buy fresh rye bread. There are many different types of breads that aren’t made with yeast or wheat. Try something like quinoa or spelt bread to make you stuffing with. You may need to play around with stuffing recipes using these breads in advance because it can take trial and error to get the best stuffing recipe. Recipes with substitutions need some tweaking but always take very good as a traditional recipe.

Pies of all varieties are a great dessert and offer a sweet taste after such a savory meal. When choosing which pies to bake for your after dinner treat, avoid acidic fruits and nuts. Instead of making pecan pie, make pumpkin pie instead. If you are making fruit pies, don’t use any fruits that are acidic. Also, artificial sweeteners are known to cause flare ups, so use real sugar. A little bit of sugar during the holidays can be a healthy splurge in this case.

Processed foods and chemical additives should also be avoided when planning your dinner menu. Use organic ingredients and spend a few extra dollars purchasing an organic free range turkey as well. The meat and produce will taste better, are healthier for you, and won’t cause eczema flare ups. Most prepackaged foods will cause skin irritation, so use all fresh ingredients in your recipes and invite friends and family to help you cook everything from scratch.

Allergies and eczema causes are different for everyone. If some of these foods don’t cause a flare up for you, then by all means stick to the original recipe. Keeping a food journal will help you keep track of what causes you problems or not. Plan your menu in advance, look at the recipes, and substitute ingredients as needed. Your Thanksgiving dinner will be perfect and very tasty.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

How to Make and Store Homemade Organic Baby Food

What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies such as lotions and creams. It is also important to monitor what you are feeding your baby because parents control their diet. All ages from newborns, toddlers, teens, and adults, can live a healthy lifestyle and control the ingredients used in the foods that are prepared for them to eat. You can control what’s in your baby’s food by making your own baby food at home. This will ensure a completely organic diet because you control how the food is being made. Here are some ways to make your own baby food and store it properly.

First and foremost for the food to be natural, you must use organic grown fruits or vegetables. Natural baby products are the healthiest to use. If the ingredients aren’t organic, the purpose of making your baby’s food isn’t as powerful because you would be subjecting your baby to pesticides that may be used by inorganic farmers. The chemicals can have long term negative effects on the health of your baby. Organic produce is chemical free and better for you and your child. Even though you are using organic produce, be sure to wash the fruits or vegetables thoroughly to remove any dirt.

I would recommend buying fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season so that your baby can try different types of foods. However, if there is a certain food that your baby likes and it’s not in season, you can buy frozen organic produce. Frozen produce is just as good as fresh because of the freezing process that is used.

Once the produce is washed, boil or steam it to the consistency your baby is able to eat. For example, when your baby is just starting out on solid foods, the homemade baby food should be very mushy. So you can cook the produce longer than you normally would. If you are using frozen produce, follow the cooking instructions provided and allow additional cooking time to make sure it is soft enough for the consistency you want. Keep in mind that some fruits won’t need to be cooked such as bananas.

After the vegetables or fruits are cooked, you can now puree the ingredients. You can do a mixture of vegetables or fruits or even combine some fruits and vegetables. You can puree the ingredients in a blender, food processor, or by hand with a whisk. It will be easier to use either a blender or food processor and the baby food will come out smoother. If your baby has been eating solid foods for a while and you don’t need to the food to be so mushy, then blending by hand would be a good option.

Once you have prepared the homemade baby food, you can now store it in jars, ice cube trays, or Tupperware. Ice cube trays are ideal because of portion control. Usually one ice cube is a serving of food for a small baby. Freezing the food will make it last longer and will avoid bacteria. If you want to refrigerate the food, only keep it refrigerated for 2 to 3 days in glass jars or Tupperware. After a few days the food can spoil because there aren’t preservatives in it.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

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