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Aloe Vera, It’s not just a Plant

Aloe vera is a plant that has been around for centuries. It is a perennial plant that has leaves filled with a yellow gel like substance that can be used for organic medicinal purposes. It can be found in very warm climates such as South America where it is grown in mass quantities. Aloe vera contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that heal both internal and external problems. It can also be used internally by drinking it or externally by rubbing it on your body where it’s needed. The plant has many uses and can be used as a beauty product or for medicinal purposes. Cleopatra has even been noted in history as using it as part of her daily skin care routine. Here are some of the many uses and benefits of aloe vera.

There are a lot of beauty uses that aloe vera can be used for. Perhaps the most common use for the plant is for treating a sun burn. The plant extract helps your skin heal, brings back moisture, and relieves some of the itchiness and redness. Acne can be a serious skin problem for teenagers and adults. If it is left untreated it can become out of control and leave acne scars on your face and body. Rubbing aloe on your pimples will reduce the redness and swelling and will prevent future breakouts. Using aloe is safer than chemically processed creams that can discolor or dry your skin out. It is always safer and more beneficial to your health to use natural skin care products.

Cleopatra used the plant to keep her skin looking glowing and youthful. Aloe can be used to reduce the signs of wrinkles and aging of your skin. Besides making your skin look youthful, you can create a beautiful glow by exfoliating. The plant is found in most organic body scrubs and masks. You can also make your own scrubs by combing aloe vera, lemon juice, and brown sugar. You can substitute sea salt for brown sugar and make a salt scrub. The plant extract is known for bringing a lot of moisture to your skin. It is a great extract for treating eczema or as a lotion. In addition to bringing moisture back into your skin, it also reduces scarring and stretch marks by speeding up cell reproduction.

There are many uses for treating health problems as well. You can treat health problems internally or externally with the plant extract. If you are experiencing stomach pains or have problems going to the bathroom you can drink it. You can find the plant extract at health stores that come in the form of pills and drinks. By drinking the aloe you can also treat heart burn, stomach ulcers, low blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and help with asthma. If you prefer not to use medicines daily from a doctor, this organic treatment will improve health conditions and leave you feeling healthy. For some people, medicine prescribed by a doctor can cause allergic reactions, side effects that leave you feeling worse, or cause long term affects from the synthetic materials. Aloe vera is a natural plant, the extract is organic, and doesn’t contain chemicals that will be harmful to your body.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

The Uses and Advantages of Witch Hazel

Beauty products and remedies for acne or other type of skin products can range from normal lotions and oils to more creative products like mud masks, mayonnaise, or other house hold products. Our mothers and fathers have passed on age old ways to cure a zit or another type of skin imperfection. Do you use toothpaste to dry out your skin or avocadoes to moisturize it? A common house hold products that can be used as a beauty product among many other medical type reasons is witch hazel. It has been used for centuries and it has many uses. Here are different ways you can use witch hazel and the advantages it has for your skin.

Witch hazel was first used by North American Indians and the southern American area because it is made from a plant found in that area. Its early uses were to help stop hemorrhaging or internal bleeding, sprains, eye inflammation, skin inflammation, and tumors. The plant extract has been known for centuries that it is one of the best products to use an astringent.

One of the biggest advantages of witch hazel is that it is organic and is made from the plant extract so it can be used both internally and externally to treat ailments. You can drink it, gargle it in your throat or rinse your mouth with it, and use it as a douching liquid. You can find recipes for teas where you can add witch hazel which will probably make it taste better if you need to drink it for curing an upset stomach. Gargling it will help sore throats heel faster and feel better. Rinsing your mouth with it will act as an organic mouthwash.

Externally, you can use it to treat skin imperfections, cuts, veins, hemorrhoids, insect bites, and bruises. Whatever you need to treat, you just rub the witch hazel on the area. Most witch hazel you find at the drug store is made with alcohol which can dry out your skin or be too irritating. Depending on what you are using the product for you may not need the alcohol in it.

You can buy alcohol free witch hazel that is more effective for treating eczema or really dry skin, toning your skin, or cleaning a cut. The alcohol free is a better choice for kids because the alcohol can really hurt if you are cleaning a cut. If you aren’t treating acne but are using it for a beauty product on your face, I would recommend the alcohol free so that you won’t dry your skin. When treating burns or severely dry skin this is the best choice because most alcohol free witch hazels also have additives, like Aloe Vera or essential oil which help to moisturize. It can be used to tighten pores and tone your skin that will will make your skin have a beautiful glow.

This product should be kept in your home as a common household ingredient. In addition to treating skin imperfections, inflammation, or internal problems, there are other common uses for it. You can use the product to treat razor burn, alleviate pain from a wind or sun burn, taking off make up, and reducing the swelling from a pesky bug bite.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

Protecting Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

Winter conditions such as dry winds, cold temperatures, snow, and rain can be harmful for your baby. It is common for babies and young children to get sick in the winter because of decreasing temperatures and the flu season. The harsh winter weather alone can cause damage to your baby’s skin. Their skin is so sensitive and can become irritated more so than adults’ skin. Cold winter air and dry, heated indoor air can cause irritation and dryness of the skin making eczema flare ups more frequent. Here are some ways to protect your baby’s skin during the winter.

When bathing your baby, be extra cautious of the water temperature. You should always practice safe bathing techniques, not just in the winter. The temperature should be lukewarm, a mixture of hot and cold water. Cold water will making your baby uncomfortable and water that is too hot can dry the skin out more or burn their sensitive skin. Also, use soap made from natural products that aren’t too heavily scented. Unnatural products can contain harsh chemicals that could make a winter rash worse. Moisturizing after bathing is smart because the skin is clean. It is common for babies to suffer from eczema, so using eczema oil will help to prevent that.

You may be surprised to know that babies can regulate their body temperature just as well as adults can. Don’t dress your baby in too many layers trying to keep them warm. If your baby becomes overheated they may develop an irritating heat rash. Keep your baby warm with jackets and blankets. Dress your baby in material that can breathe a little such as cotton. Dress your baby as you would dress yourself. It is common to add an extra layer of clothing to your outfit to stay warm, but only layer up once.

Adults and babies are often irritated by chapped lips during the winter. It may not seem like your baby’s lips could get chapped because they appear moist from drooling, teething, or having a pacifier. You can use a lip balm on your baby but make sure it isn’t the kind that has a tint of color. Find an organic brand that won’t cause irritation. Using lip balm will add a protective layer that will heal or prevent chapped lips.

To protect your baby’s hands and feet, which are often exposed to the outside elements, you can use gloves and socks. Wearing gloves will protect your baby’s hands from cold winter winds. When skin is exposed to wind, cold air, and other elements, the skin can become very dry. A lot of heat is also lost through the tops of our heads. Find a cute, little beanie or hat for your baby to wear. Unlike adults, some babies don’t have a lot of hair to keep the tops of their heads warm.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

Fall And Winter Natural Skin Care Tips

The harsh conditions from the fall and winter air can really do some damage to your skin. The cold air, frigid winds, and dry conditions can make your skin chapped, flaky, and very dry. During the fall and winter months, people with eczema may experience really bad flare ups because of the weather conditions. It is important to take care of your skin even if you don’t suffer from eczema. Following these natural skin care tips will ensure that you have healthy, beautiful, moisturized skin during the cold seasons.

The first tip is to moisturize more often than usual; moisturize and moisturize often. This is especially important for people who have eczema. Using eczema oil often and whenever you feel dry will help keep your skin healthy and moisturized. If you are using lotion to bring moisture back to your skin, use a natural product that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. If you normally use lotion in the morning, be sure to also moisturize during the middle of the day and at night. During the cold months, thicker set lotions tend to work better so I would suggest using a natural body butter cream such as cucumber or plumeria body butter.

During the fall and winter, be sure to stay hydrated. This will keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Drink lots of water and hydrate often throughout the day. You can also use water in another way to keep your skin looking great. You should buy humidifiers for the rooms in your home. Having a humidifier will keep the cold air out and will keep your skin moisturized. Also, heaters in your home blow out hot dry air which makes your skin dry or itchy. Having the humidifiers will bring back moisture into the air. However, do not soak in a tub of warm water because that will actually do damage to your skin. Follow the drinking water tip, but don’t soak in water. Taking baths is bad for your skin because the water on the exterior dries you out.

Another great skin care tip for cold seasons is to exfoliate your skin a couple times a week. Exfoliating will help to remove some of the dry skin that may be irritating you. Use natural products on your skin. You can find body scrubs that are made with plumeria or cucumber that are great for helping to take the dry skin away. Body scrubs relieve itchy, dry skin, improves circulation to new skin,
enables new skin to receive more nourishment, and makes skin feel soft and silky.

Following these natural skin care tips will keep your skin looking and feeling great during the cold seasons that would normally dry you out.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

Advantages of Using Natural Skin Care Products

There are many benefits for our skin when using natural skin care products. Taking care of our skin is vital for important health and keeping our skin look youthful, glowing, and beautiful. Skin care treatment should be an everyday routine in our lives, and you don’t have to wait until you have a problem with your skin to start treatment. Our skin can be damaged very easily because of weather, the sun, smoking, drinking, and other external factors, but it can be very easy to take care of and maintain a healthy appearance.

The advantages of using natural skin care products are tenfold and you should avoid over the counter skin care treatments. Products that aren’t natural or organic can have chemicals and synthetic ingredients in them that are harsh for your skin and can cause even more damage or damage that wasn’t previously there.

When you use natural skin care products, you actually know what you are using on your face or body. There aren’t any chemically induced or synthetic ingredients that have been added to the lotions, creams, or oils. Natural skin care products are made with real ingredients like fruits such as avocados, tomatoes, jojoba, coconut or even olive oil. Other types of skin care products use cheap or low quality ingredients which will cause long term skin damages.

Taking care of your skin can become very expensive and another advantage of natural skin care is the cost. Because only natural ingredients are used, the cost is kept low for most natural skin care companies. In addition to buying organic products such as oils, which can be hard to make yourself, you can use at home facial masks by making your own mask using avocados for example.

If you choose to use products that aren’t natural, you could prematurely age your skin. Natural products have antioxidants in them that stop or slow down the aging process of our skin. Petroleum based products have toxic elements that age and wear down our skin.

By using natural skin care treatments, you are also promoting a healthier way of life. Using organic products is good for the environment. Not only are we helping ourselves, but we are also providing support for farmers, orchards, and natural skin care companies that refuse to use chemicals or synthetic products that are harmful to the environment.

The advantages of natural skin care products outweigh the damages that other skin care products can cause.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

Eczema and its Causes

Dry itchy skin can be really uncomfortable and embarrassing. Some lotions and oils are heavily perfumed or have alcohol in them which can cause the skin to become even more irritated than before. If you find yourself consistently treating dry, red, irritated skin you could have a medical problem called eczema that requires treatment.

The exact causes of eczema haven’t been determined by doctors. However, there are factors that can cause it to flare up. Research has shown that it is a genetic skin disorder that is affected by external factors such as makeup, clothing, soap, laundry detergent, jewelry, stress, and allergens in the air. Doctors are under the assumption that it is an immune deficiency problem that can be controlled with skin care treatment and trying to best controls your external factors. Eczema is most common in children, who often grow out of the problem during adulthood.

There are ways to avoid the causes of a flare up of eczema. Soap and laundry detergents can cause irritated skin, so you should use a mild unscented soap or detergent. A lot of soaps are fragranced with perfume which causes irritation. Take showers instead of bubble baths too. The type of clothes you wear is also a cause factor. Itchy clothing rubs against your skin and can cause a flare up. To avoid this, wear loose clothing and soft materials such as cotton shirts.

Stress is also a factor that causes eczema. It can be hard, if not impossible, to avoid all stressful or uncomfortable situations especially as an adult. Instead of trying to avoid all of life’s situations, you should find a way to manage your stress. For example, if you are at work or school keep a stress ball at your desk. Listening to calm mellow music can also lower stress, so you could find a jazz or classical CD that you like. Practicing yoga helps manage every day stress and is very relaxing. Yoga is great also because you don’t sweat very much. Sweat can increase a flare up and irritate your skin.

It is impossible for us to control allergens in the air which are also a cause. If possible, live in an area with a favorable climate. Living in the right climate won’t cure your eczema, but it will help to control it. If you don’t have the resources to live in better climate, you can take allergy pills to lessen the effects.

Once you have determined what causes you to have flare ups, you can find a treatment that works best for you. Eczema oils and lotions are very soothing and are great way to treat irritated skin.

About the Author: Melanie Nader is the founder of the Homestead Company which makes premium quality natural skin care products including eczema oil and diaper ointment made with the finest 100% natural ingredients. For more information, visit

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