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Eat Healthy When Breastfeeding

Eating the right foods during your pregnancy is important because you are the sole provider for nutrition that your baby receives. It is equally important to eat just as healthy when you are breastfeeding if that is the option you are choosing for your newborn baby. Eating healthy foods provides the iron and calcium your baby needs to develop and get nutrition.

In addition to providing nutrition, you will also keep yourself in good shape because breastfeeding can cause minor problems such as constipation or fatigue. It takes a lot of energy to make milk for your baby. The list of foods not to eat while breastfeeding is pretty much nonexistent unlike during your pregnancy, however there are some exceptions. You can eat almost anything you want. Here are some healthy eating ideas for when you are breastfeeding your newborn.

Fruits and vegetables are two of the most important sources for vitamins. They contain natural vitamins that keep you healthy and provide you energy. In addition to providing vitamins, they are high in fiber, water, and natural sugars. You can start your day with a fruit salad, or enjoy a banana or apple for a snack during the day. It can be hard to find the time to sit down for a meal with a newborn, and grabbing a piece of fruit on the go will provide calories and keep you somewhat full. Vegetables are great as a side for dinner or as an afternoon snack.

Because you can get stomach problems, such as constipation, from breastfeeding it is a good idea to eat sprouted or soaked grains. They provide fiber to your body which can help you go to the bathroom. If eating whole grains makes your stomach ache worse, avoid eating it because it can be hard to digest.

There are some foods that you should avoid when breastfeeding, but not as much as when you were pregnant. A lot of fish contains mercury which is unhealthy for your baby. You should avoid shark and swordfish and eat salmon instead. You shouldn’t avoid milk like some studies suggest. If your baby has colic, you should consume raw dairy instead of not drinking milk or eating milk products. Milk allergies are usually caused because of how milk is processed, so raw dairy is the best way to go.

Something you may notice if you love spicy foods is that your baby will get an upset stomach after breastfeeding. The spicy foods can pass on into your milk and cause your newborn to have really bad stomach aches. This could lead to diarrhea, and if they are having a lot of diaper changes that could lead to diapers rash.

If you have been craving coffee or other caffeinated beverages during your pregnancy, here is your chance to enjoy a good brew in the morning. Don’t overload on caffeine because that could be harmful when you are breastfeeding, and it will also dehydrate you. Drink one cup of coffee in the morning or one caffeinated beverage during the day. Remember that moderation is key to health. In addition to drinking coffee, you can drink alcohol. Please do not drink too much because in addition to being unhealthy, it can be dangerous to drink too much while caring for a baby. Enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, but limit yourself and be conservative.

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Natural vs. Organic

With so many natural and organic products out on the market, what do you trust?  What is the best way to decipher all this information that is being poured onto the consumer market?   Let me help you to determine where to best spend your hard earned money, in this economy.

There is a difference in organic and natural, but is it worth the extra expense to buy organic?  Sometimes it is justified, especially in food.  With food, there is only black or white; organic or conventional.  But in skin care, the lines are not so clearly drawn.   Organic and natural products are more likely not to have the chemicals and fillers.   But, organic doesn’t always mean that the product is going to be effective.  Organic just means that the products has been formulated with ingredients that have been grown without pesticides and chemicals.  The downside is that you are always going to pay a lot more for that “organic” label.

100% Natural

100% Natural

When a product is natural, this means the ingredients come from botanical and natural sources; Not chemically derived.  The natural ingredients are chemical-free as well, but they have not been given that “organic” certification.  When it comes to skin care, this is the most important factor.  Our bodies absorb up to 60% of what is applied to the skin, you want to make sure you are not putting synthetic chemicals on your skin.  Many of the FDA approved ingredients for skin care products are known carcinogens, irritants of the skin and remain stored in bodily tissues and organs.  In children, this is an even more serious issue because they are getting a higher proportion of chemical exposure due to their body size.   Many of the effects will be delayed and once the symptoms are seen there is no way to connect them to the actual cause.  For example, chemical sensitivity, liver toxicity, even cancer.

In this day and age, where there is so much chemical saturation in our environment, we can’t control everything.  But, we do have to choose very strategically to eliminate the sources wherever possible.  Starting with the food we consume, the skin care we use, and cleaning products for our homes.  These should be a starting point, as they are directly ingested through the body and skin.

When choosing products for your family, always go with a source you can trust.  Don’t just look for “organic” or “natural”, read the ingredients and know what they mean.  Many say “organically grown”, this means that it is not certified organic, it could be genetically modified or it could just mean that the farm that grew it has not been certified organic.  You would have to know a little about the product.   You will find organically grown seedless grapes, but never certified organic.  That is because they are genetically modified, and genetically modified is never organic.

When looking for skin care products, don’t just look for “natural ingredients”; look for 100% natural because that is how you know it’s safe and not filled with chemicals and a little plant oil.  Many manufacturers will use the selling point of “natural”  on their label to fool those that don’t know.   You will always get what you pay for, if it’s priced to compete with the chemical brands of skin care, you will be compromising quality because natural skin care and chemical skin care are not on the same level.  Quality ingredients are always going to cost more, that’s just a fact.

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